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Government Reform -

Government Building

If I had a magic wand and could change our Government, I would change several things. Here are some of those changes I wish to implement: Recalls - We need to have the ability to recall a Senator or Congressman/woman. If they are not representing the people well, or are a bad actor, we should have the ability to recall them. They are put in Office to represent us, and we should have the ability to fire them. Term Limits - We need Term Limits in the US Congress. It is not ideal for politicians to be in power for 40-50 years. In my opinion, I think 10-12 years is sufficient for Representatives, and 12-18 years for a Senator. Others opinions on this topic may change the term, but that is what I think. Limiting Executive Orders - I would love to see the number of Executive Orders a President can sign be limited, so he is forced to go through the legislative process. Our economy and governmental policy has too much back and forth every time we get elect a new President. Agencies need to get laws passed in Congress - It is far too convenient for the Federal Agencies/Bureau's to create their own laws, and unfairly abuse the people. Laws that dictate what these alphabet agencies can do should be dictated by the legislative process. Which will prevent abuse, and bring more stability to our legal system. The REINS Act is one of the Bills put forth to address this issue, and I would vote in favor of it. Balanced Budget - We need to cut the deficit our Government incurs every time a budget is passed. We need to work towards cutting funding in the areas that can afford to operate leaner. We might not be able to get to a complete balanced budget, but we can try and get it as close as possible. We also need to BAN Stock trading for members of Congress, and the Bureaucrats. It is very unethical to let those that dictate the policies to invest in those same policies. We see this with the Ukraine funding. Congress votes themselves a raise in the stock market when they vote for Ukraine funding. Because a major part of those funds are used to purchase munitions from our military contractors. 


Balancing our Budget

Balancing our Budget

Our interest payment on our National Debt is rapidly approaching the #1 spot for our most expensive item in our budget. Let that sink it...
In order to rein in our spending, we must work towards a balanced budget. This is extremely difficult due to the amounts of corrupt payments going out behind closed doors, and not being able to vote on line items in the budget. Currently we have the Leaders of the Senate, and the House creating budgets behind closed doors with zero input from Congress. There is no debate to these spending bills, and they are usually brought to the floor within 24-48 hours of a scheduled vote on the budget. This is a blatant and cancerous abuse of our Federal Government on the tax payers. So when a spending Bill hits the floor for a vote; you either have to vote in favor of it, or the media and these Leaders will blame those who voted against it for the shut down of the government. They know well in advance that a budget deadline is nearing. Blake Moore will not vote against a spending bill that has a government shutdown looming, so he will enable this abusive game that Congressional Leadership plays every time. Which ignores the legislative processes we have in place. So therefore, I will be voting NO for any spending bill where they do not give us enough time to read, vet, and debate such funding. Congress needs the ability to have Single Line Veto Powers. Every item in the Bill cannot be tied to something else and creating one big web that we must accept everything, or nothing. We also need the ability to audit all funds going to Ukraine. If Ukraine is still an issue post 2025. I am against funding Ukraine, and Anti-Putin. 
Blake Moore has voted in favor of 6 of the last 6 Continuing Resolutions for our budget. Which goes against the very recommendations of HIS OWN Debt and Deficit Task Force! This continues the abusive, and bloated budget from the last time that they budgeted for that appropriation. This does NOTHING to reduce our budget, and kicks the can further down the road. Blake tries to play a good game against the budget, but his record proves the opposite. In the many spending bills he has voted for; he has also passed many horrible extras in these bills including: Entering Women in the Draft, 
Building a new FBI building bigger than the Pentagon, and extending the continued abuse of FISA warrants on American citizens.

The 2nd Amendment -

2nd Amendment

The Bill of Rights does not talk about the Governments Rights.. Nope. It talks about our own individual rights! The Founders knew how important the right have guns and weapons were to keeping a Country/State free of tyranny. Just because the Declaration of Independence was written nearly 250 years ago, the principle it represents is still just as relevant today. As Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1787, “What country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance. Let them take arms.” It's because of this reason that I am a firm believer in the right to own "assault weapons". It's because of the reminders set forth in the Declaration of Independence that we need the ability(if needed) to combat tyranny; not to mention the ability to defend this Nation against invading Nations. Guns save more lives than they take every year. Guns are also the great equalizer in a confrontation. It is a disservice to women to not let them carry a firearm to defend themselves from an attacker. Also, the majority of Americans say that they don't trust our government. So why would we give up all of our guns to the corrupt faction of our society? It makes no sense, and guns are here to stay.

War between Good and Evil

The War between Good and Evil -

I believe in are in a war between good and evil; and everyday my opinion solidifies on that stronger and stronger. Where we see many ideas campaigned to society as love or tolerance. Well.. not everything deserves our love or tolerance. Indoctrinating our kids into sexual themes and ideologies should not be tolerated. Kids are innocent and their brains are easily-moldable. They need to grow up as a kid. Sexually natured material should not be exposed to children until the appropriate age. But those campaigning this love and tolerance chastise those that don't believe in their ideologies, and are portrayed as bigots, racists, xenophobes, or whatever the derogatory label may be. One thing coming up on the Left's agenda is normalizing pedophilia. Pedophiles are being downgraded to MAP's(Minor Attracted People), and minors or children being AAM's(Adult Attracted Minors). They will say that it is okay to have sexual relations with young individuals because they understand love. And they should be able to love whom they chose, because they were born that way. This is incredibly disturbing, and we as a society and a government need to do everything in our legal power to stop it.

Identity Politics -

Identity Politics

Identity politics are corrosive to America, and to the world. With DEI initiatives being pushed in the government and companies we are removing the meritocracy we used to function on. A meritocracy is the best, and most fair method to running a business, or organization. America is suffering right now. The world sees us as not the leader we once were. With this decrease in confidence, our DEI standards have increased. We need America to lead the world like we used to. DEI Standards lower the bar of achieving high standards.. You have to lower the standards to include those of "marginalized" groups. With hard work, and perseverance almost anything can happen in America. Especially when it comes to pushing yourself to higher education and careers. DEI initiatives encompass exclusion. If you are white, straight, christian, or a conservative.. Yeah, they don't want you. I will be fighting these policies and initiatives if I am your Representative.

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement -

I have a strong commitment to our Law Enforcement Officers. We demand so much from them, and sometimes a little too much. We want them to be professional lawyers knowing every law in and out, and the case laws around those laws. We need them to know how to handle Domestic Violence, and it's warning signs. The same with Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse, and Abuses against Children. We demand they know the signs of hardcore drug abuse, and how to handle overdose, or how to handle a confrontation with a hardcore drug user. We demand they know how to render first aid to a wide variety of victims until EMS arrives. We demand they be proficient with their weapons, and tools. A close-quarters combat warrior. We demand they know how to perfectly handle a hostage negotiation. While also placing their lives on the line for us.. and their families lives too, at times. We demand that they think and act in a perfectly rational way after experiencing an extremely traumatic event; and to also go home to their families and act normal. These brave men and women invest their careers, livelihoods, and mental well-being in this career. I am proud of, and grateful, for all of the men and women in Law Enforcement. If you are in Law Enforcement, thank you for all you do for our communities.

Energy -


We need to preserve our Energy sector here in Utah. The Left is going to war bureaucratically against our energy sector nation-wide. So much so, that they are willing to buy oil from foreign adversaries, and OPEC to avoid letting American Oil Corporations drill our own oil, and process it here. The Biden Regime wants to eliminate fossil fuels entirely from our Country. Which is nearly impossible, because fossil fuels are in everything we do. Plastics, grease, polyester, lipstick, toothpaste, Vasoline, toys.. nearly everything. We should be fortifying our own American industries before any foreign industries. When we get in an emerging crisis.. We will have to depend on our own industries to get us through that crisis. It makes no sense to rely on other nations, when we have the means to be self-reliant. Because the Biden Regime is at war with Oil Industries, these companies aren't willing to upgrade or expand their refining and drilling processes. Not to mention the Biden Regime wants banks to not loan money to the fossil fuel industry. The absence of low cost fossil fuels can be catastrophic to those in the lower to middle classes. Because once they've invested so much money into "renewables" they'll increase the cost of our energy bills. Once those get so high, the rich might be the only ones that would be able to afford it. The Left and Climate Alarmists want gas prices to hit $10/gallon. To place enormous pressure on everyone to buy electric vehicles. I fear we may not have the inventory available for such a transition. The Biden Regime wants Rocky Mountain Power to replace all coal and LNG power plants with "renewable power". And after they build these new power plants they are required to destroy the old power plants.. No fossil fuel back ups or anything. We need good cheap energy that is dependable and resilient to the elements. But as you can see, there is a lot of work to be done in fighting the Left's war on fossil fuels. I will fight for access to fossil fuels, and for our fossil fuel industries in Utah, and around the whole US.

We need to right this ship!

Why we need to right this ship -

The US is the superpower of the World! We are the "Big Brother" for smaller, weaker Nations. If we fail.. NO ONE is coming to save us. We are it. That's why we need strong stable energy that is resilient. We need to be as self-sustaining as possible. You can't be independent if you're constantly needing others to brace you up. We are the Leader in the Free World. These woke ideologies are suppressing our freedoms, and diverting control to the government. We need to get wokeness out of our MIlitary! We need to manufacture our own pharmaceutical ingredients, and medical supplies. Currently China is where we get them from, and that's a scary thought if we ever get in a war with them, like we might be doing here shortly. Hopefully not..

Immigration -


Immigration is a sensitive topic. I feel like the Utah GOP Platform hits the nail on the head with their stance on immigration. We are a stronger, better Nation because of those that have migrated here. Our Nation was formed from a bunch of immigrants. Those striving for a better life, living conditions, better security and education.

We have several problems with our immigration system. We had roughly 372,000 babies born to immigrants in 2021. Which is more than every state in the US per year except for California. So we need to clarify our 14th Amendment. It currently states: "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside." Instead we need to change the wording to state that babies born in the US are not made US citizens unless their parents are US citizens themselves(Mother OR Father). So that we don't have an open invitation for illegals to have anchor babies in the US to stay here. We need to vet the immigrants wanting to come to this great nation. There are some great people wanting to come to our Country, and we should embrace them. They just need to follow the rules we have set in place. I also feel like we need to halt immigration into the US so that our Immigration Courts can catch up with the demand of those trying to come into our Nation. I will never vote for an amnesty Bill. This is a way for Democrats to gain millions upon millions of voters, to tilt our whole system into their control.

Climate Change -

TIME Is it Warming or Cooling?

I think Climate Alarmism is a hoax. At least as far as humans causing the end of the world. Do we have a role in the climate? Possibly.. But it's not enough to change every facet of our lives because of it. I think the natural progression of technology is sufficient for our climate. Do I like clean air? You bet I do. But plants also need Carbon Dioxide to grow. So is Carbon Dioxide that bad for our climate if plants grow from it? Plants also shade our Earth from the sun.. That would make the Earth's temperatures more steady. Plus, the Earth is greener today, as far as plant-life, than it was in 1985(according to NASA). They want us to ban fossil fuels, but yet if we are in such dire need of reducing fossil fuels; why are they buying oil from far away lands, closing down oil pipelines, and reducing our oil production here? Pipelines takes diesel trucks transporting the oil off the road.. So that would reduce CO2, and seems like the most desirable plan for them. But they choose to put other nations oil on a gigantic oceanic oil tanker. Oceanic Oil Tankers can consume up to 2,400 gallons of diesel per HOUR. It takes that tanker 21 to 35 days from Russia, or 35 to 60 days from the Middle East to get to the US. Which results in millions upon millions of tons of CO2 into our atmosphere. With all of that CO2 into our atmosphere, why are the Climate Alarmists choosing this method?! It doesn't make sense! Not to mention that these Climate Alarmists travel to their Climate Conventions on their private jets, and have about 10-20 cars in their entourage to travel to such an event. One private jet trip to these Climate Conventions produces as much CO2 as a gasoline car does in it's LIFETIME! While they also live in beach-front properties next to an ocean that they claim will have "rising sea levels" due to our polar ice caps melting.. They have been claiming the ice caps will have melted for nearly 50 years now. They are still there, and still just as thick. But I still have yet to see one climate catastrophe come true. After all of the Climate Alarms from the 1950's until today, these "scientists" have been wrong.. and yet they still listen to them like they are quoting scripture. We need to ignore these alarmists, and go on with building a thriving economy(like China does) and be the best, strongest Nation in the World!

Wall Street

Wall Street Reform -

Currently we have a huge mess on our hands with a handful of Corporations controlling other Corporations in America. Blackrock, Vanguard, State Street, CALPERS, and others are investing huge amounts of stocks into companies and forming coalitions together to push ESG standards into corporate America. For example, Vanguard, Blackrock, and State Street have positions on the Exxon-Mobil board.. Yes, a fossil fuel company. They force them to implement practices and policies that go against their fossil-fuel business investments. Instead of promoting growth in the company, they force Exxon to invest in Climate Change practices. These are companies many of us put into with our 401k's. So your retirement dollars are being spent to wage this climate war, and ESG standards on American Business. It needs to stop. We need to implement legislation to prevent any stockholders from being on the board of directors of Corporations. We need to let these companies do what they've done best to get to the position they are in, without outside forces sabotaging their goals and policies as a company.

Women's Rights

Women's Issues

There is threat to women from the Trans movement. We need to protect our women in sport, in public/private changing rooms, and in restrooms. A woman should not have to change in front of a man, and vice-versa. We need to create legislation that separates sports by sex at birth, especially in competitive sports. We need to stop any Trans ideology in our schools, or with our kids. If you look at the Trans movements definition of "gender", it is nearly identical to the definition of "personality".
Concerning abortion.. I am Pro-Life. I believe that life begins at conception; which includes the implantation of that egg onto the uterine wall. I believe IVF is still morally right, and helps those unable to get pregnant naturally. I also believe this is an issue that the states should decide. I will be voting "No" on any abortion bills.

Russia-Ukraine War

Russia-Ukraine War

I am deeply saddened by the Russia-Ukraine War. I carry the same view as Trump. We need to end this war as soon as possible. I know Ukraine doesn't want to do that because they don't want to give up land. But people are dying.. We also don't know what the end goal is for this conflict. We also don't exactly know where our aid money is going. We just barely added an Inspector General to audit the funds headed to Ukraine. Which we'll need precise reports from since he was put into the role from the corrupt Biden Regime. We need to limit and halt as much funding of this war as possible. We also need to bolster up our own munitions stocks because of how many munitions we are sending Ukraine.

China Relations


China is a contender for the superpower of the world. They have incredible influence over hundreds of nations around the world. We need to get all of our manufacturing out of China, and bring that manufacturing back to the US. It is incredibly concerning that China is one of the top 3 owners of farmland in the US. With China being designated a Foreign Adversary of the U.S., they shouldn't be allowed to own any land in our Country. There needs to be legislation drafted for the US Government, or local governments to take this land from them. Because if we allow them to sell it themselves, they will just sell it to a shell company stationed in a nation that isn't a foreign adversary. We also need to invest in pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturing here in the US. Why would we not be self-dependent on pharmaceutical ingredients? This needs to change.

Israel Conflict


I am Pro-Israel. We've been allies with Israel for decades, and they are one of our strongest allies. I believe that Israel makes the best decisions they can, with the information they have. The attacks on October 7th were some of the most horrific attacks we've seen since likely the Holocaust. Israel is always willing to come to the negotiating table for long lasting peace agreements; and every time that they have, the Palestinian Leaders have rejected every single offer brought to the table. But not only that, the Palestinians have attacked immediately after attempts for peace agreements. Israel has also warned innocent lives of incoming missile attacks before they launched attacks on bunkers, and tunnels underground. I admire this kind of methodology in their attacks against the adversary.

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