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Paul Miller

Paul Miller

'A fighter!' 

Unfortunately, our federal government has become too comfortable abusing its power. Congress is addicted to laundering the tax-payers money. Alphabet agencies are creating way too many laws when it should be in Congresses' hands to create laws. It is way passed time that we fight and challenge their abusive actions! 


About me -

I am Paul Miller, a 40 year old lifelong resident of northern Utah. I currently live in South Ogden with my wife Breann and our twin boys whom we love and adore. I am LDS, have a concrete belief in God, and participate in prayer regularly. While my religion does provide a firm foundation for my beliefs, I try to look at the whole picture in politics and public policy issues. 


My family lives for adventures in the mountains whether it be camping, hunting, kayaking, shooting, hiking, or fishing. We love the mountains and everything they have to offer. I grew up in Layton in the middle of a family with 6 siblings. I grew up with hand-me-downs from my older brother and knew early the importance of budgeting and living within your means. 


This is one of the reasons why I’m running for office.  I want to lessen the impacts of inflation by voting for budgets that get as close to a balanced budget as possible, which in turn will reduce inflation. To reduce taxes for the middle and lower classes, and to make our way of life the best it can possibly be. 


I am also sick of the Republican Party always caving in to the Democrats. We are always the side that has to compromise and it's almost never the other way around. We are in some dire straits and need to stop compromising our country into moral and financial bankruptcy.

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One of the things I am most proud of is that I am not a career politician.  By profession, I’ve been a Journeyman Electrical Foreman for 12 years and an electrician much longer.  The founding fathers had various professions themselves.  They saw public office as a service to the community and didn’t foresee serving in Congress as a life-long profession but wanted true representatives of the people.


Working as a Journeyman Foreman has taught me many skills that are transferable to serving as a representative for District 1.  For example, I manage million-dollar projects and oversee the entire project from start to finish from an electrical standpoint. I am responsible for effective communication and coordination between the general contractor, superintendent and other contractors. I make sure we are not over budget. I manage the labor and materials costs effectively to ensure that projects will be profitable. I manage and lead all the electricians on these million-dollar commercial projects.

If you want different outcomes in Washington, you must vote for a different type of candidate.  The founding fathers had all sorts of professions; farmers, merchants, smugglers, teachers and scientists.  Over 80% of current House members have had previous political experience (352 out of 435 members). There are many resources available for support in Congress and I plan to utilize those to serve the 1st district needs as efficiently as possible. I am not afraid to work hard for the people of my district, I have worked hard every day of my life.  I would like to put my skills to good use for the betterment of our community.

To read about my stances on the issues. Click here.

Why am I running against Blake Moore?

Blake Moore is paid to vote for spending bills! This should not be acceptable from our Congressional delegation! When he votes for the military spending bills, one of the military contractors donates nearly $50,000 into his campaign account every time it passes! He has benefited $153,600 from the last 3 military spending bills! This does not include the donations from Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, Raytheon, General Atomics, etc. You can see my receipts from this on the receipts tab or click here. 

◘ Rep. Moore has voted in favor of funding numerous Democratic policies. Here are some examples abortions, DEI (Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion which breeds division), ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance which has many inconsistencies in standards and make it more difficult for businesses), and multiple climate change initiatives  

◘ He talks a good game about reducing our deficit but votes in favor of spending bills that do not reduce our deficit.  

◘ He's voted for 6 out of the last 6 Continuing Resolutions for spending. Which continues all that bloated spending and spending towards special interest groups until 2025 or whenever the deadline is made.  

◘ His father-in-law (Roger Boyer - Boyer Company) owns, maintains, and runs the housing on Hill AFB. He has also received contracts for governmental buildings (IRS, VA, US Customs, Dept. of Interior). This poses a conflict of interest. Boyer's stake in government contracts could be in jeopardy if Rep. Moore does not vote in favor of a bill. Also, Rep. Moore could vote in favor of funding those bills that would greatly benefit his father-in-law. Blake’s father-in-law is one of his main campaign donors every election cycle. Not to mention Blake's wife is a stakeholder in the Boyer Company. Blake directly benefits from a possible government contract to Boyer. Why would Blake ever vote against Government spending if he benefits from it? 
**NEW** In a report I found online; The Boyer Company has increased their revenue TEN-FOLD compared to their average in 2014-2020, since Congressman Blake Moore has taken office. Between 2014 and 2020 they averaged $94.4 million/year. Whereas in 2023 they brought in an estimated $935 MILLION dollars! Look at some of the reports here
[Disclaimer - This is from a report found online. This information is purely speculative, and not factual as I do not have access to The Boyer Company's financial or project information. It is merely a data point that was concerning. Please come to your own conclusion on this matter.]

◘ Blake has cheered on ESG standards for companies. (Environmental, Social, Governance which has many inconsistencies in standards and make it more difficult for businesses) He talks about the huge benefit of B Corps. Which is an ESG scorecard. He also admired BlackRock, and their contributions to it. BlackRock is destroying our Nation; we should not be admiring them.  

◘ He voted for women to be entered into the Draft. We should NOT be sending our women onto the frontlines.  

◘ He is in favor of the US Department of Education. He voted against an amendment to a bill that would have defunded the Dept. of Education. States should be running their own Departments of Education, not the federal government. 

◘ He voted for the NDAA of FY2024 which allowed taxpayer funded abortions and transgender care and surgeries for our military. He also extended the FBI's blatant abuse of our FISA warrant system to spy on the American people. The FBI has been known to abuse this over 276,000 times. Congressman Moore claimed in his Newsletter that FISA isn't used to spy on Americans, but there are protections in the new FISA bill for members of Congress. Which, one of the 3 qualifications of running for Congress is that you are a US CITIZEN for 7 years. Yes, FISA spies on Americans.


If you hear about an event that I could attend, please let me know by emailing me at

There are no more events until the Primary Election. We will be out and about doing Honk and Waves with volunteers, and my two boys. 

- Endorsements -

Utah Republican Veterans' Caucus

Davis County Conservatives

Weber County Conservatives

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